How Solar Panels Work During The Winter In Fort Wayne

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Fort Wayne homeowners who are looking into solar power as an alternative energy source for their homes may have questions about how solar panels work during the winter. Let’s cover what you can expect from solar panels during those frosty Fort Wayne winters. 

How Will Solar Panels Work On Dreary, Dark Days?

Sunlight is a critical component of solar energy. So you’re probably curious about how solar energy can power your home on gray, overcast days. Although not as strong on cloudy days, the sun is a lot more powerful than our eyes perceive, as sunlight penetrates through even the thickest cloud cover. So you’ll still get some measure of solar power generated from your panels as long as they are clear of snow, though you may need to fall back onto grid power more than other times of the year. 

If it’s the short days you’re concerned with, as long as your panels are well-positioned — which our solar representatives take into account when creating custom proposals — that shouldn’t be much of an issue, either. Though there is obviously less time for solar energy to be produced, the panels are positioned in such a way that any light available will reach them. 

If you’re worried about relying too much on grid power during the winter, you could invest in a backup battery. With this, you can store excess solar power for use when needed. That gives you another cost-saving option to potentially save on your electric bills and rely a little less on grid power. 

How Can I Clear Snow Off My Panels? 

Snow piling up on roofs is a fact of life in Indiana. This can be an inconvenience for those using solar panels. While you can try to gently clear snow off your panels by climbing to roof level, we suggest an alternative, safer method — one that doesn’t make you risk your safety on a ladder! The panels are high quality, made to withstand severe weather and protected by a sheet of glass, so everything inside is perfectly safe from the snow. To avoid any potential damage to your solar panels or yourself, we suggest letting the snow melt off your roof. It’s easiest, safest and only requires a little patience. 

Explore Your Year-Round Solar Options

Solar power is a year-round viable option for Fort Wayne residents, even in the short days and inclement weather of winter. Pink Energy can work with you to create the solar solution that works for your home and energy needs, so you can rest assured that you’ll remain just as toasty as you’d like when the winter nights get particularly frosty. Contact our local Fort Wayne team of solar experts today to find out more!