How Many Hours of Sun Do You Get in Fort Wayne?

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There are many variables involved in how much electricity your solar panels can generate on any given day: their position, your home’s location and the local weather all play a part in this. But one of the biggest factors involved in solar production is sunlight itself.The sun is only out for a finite amount of time each day, and Fort Wayne residents interested in solar power may worry about how much electricity their panels would be able to produce. 

There’s good news on that front: Pink Energy’s team of experts can work with you to optimize your solar production with a custom-designed solar panel system made to gather as much sunlight as possible for your home. Let’s learn more about how you can make use of sunlight hours for your home’s electricity. 

What Are Peak Sunlight Hours in Fort Wayne?

Peak sunlight hours are the handful of hours, usually three to five hours in the middle of the day, where sunlight is at its strongest. During this period of time, sunlight is more abundant, meaning your solar panels will be working at peak performance. In Indiana, solar noon generally occurs between 12:30 – 1:30PM, so you could use that as a frame of reference for when peak sunlight hours are most likely. It’s crucial your solar panels are well-placed to work at their best during this time frame. 

By installing solar panels that face south, east or west, you can take full advantage of these hours, giving you the ability to rely more on solar panels for renewable energy at your Fort Wayne home. Since this is the time of day when you gather the most sunlight, you may accumulate some electricity that exceeds your home’s needs at any one time. What can you do to better utilize this otherwise unused electricity generated during peak sunlight hours?

Store Unused Electricity With a Battery Backup

Any electricity you don’t need to power your home during these hours can be stored for later use in a battery backup system. With a solar battery, that excess electricity can prove very useful during times when your solar panels cannot generate enough electricity to power portions of your home. Tap your battery’s supply for overnight use (when solar panels do not generate electricity at all), during power outages or on days with inclement weather where solar panels may generate less electricity than usual. It’s a great way to extend the usefulness of your solar electricity and potentially see savings on your electric bills. 

Learn About Your Solar Opportunities With Us

At Pink Energy, our vision for nationwide solar power starts with you. Each and every customer is presented with a custom-designed solar system made to address their home’s specific energy needs. Learn more about our American-made solar panels and the potential savings you could see by contacting your local Fort Wayne team of solar experts for a free quote