Could Solar Panels Increase The Value Of Your Fort Wayne Home?

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When considering adding a solar energy system to your Fort Wayne home, there’s a lot of factors to weigh. You could see a potential lower electric bill by harnessing energy from the power of the sun. But what about if you choose to sell your home in the future? Let’s break down why solar panels could potentially increase your home’s value on the market. 

The Future Is Bright For Solar

It’s understandable that more homeowners are considering renewable sources of energy for their homes because more and more people are beginning to understand the harmful environmental effects of grid energy produced primarily by fossil-fueled sources. Investing in solar as a means of reducing your home’s carbon footprint could potentially help when placing your home on the market. Renewable energy is likely only going to become more common with time, and clean sources like solar are already becoming more affordable due to manufacturing processes being refined and shortened. That could pique the interest of buyers from both financial and environmental perspectives.

Solar May Produce A Higher Price Point

According to this study by Zillow, homes with solar energy systems installed can potentially sell for a price up to 4.1% higher than comparable homes without. Buyers recognize the huge potential savings solar can give them, from between the potentially lowered electric bills and net metering opportunities if available. That’s thousands of potential dollars saved over the years — and savvy buyers know that. So, homes with solar panels tend to sell for more as a result. 

The same Zillow study emphasizes that modern buyers are interested in reducing their energy consumption. Over 80% of home buyers said that energy efficiency in a home was important. Since solar panels can help reduce overall energy consumption, especially when combined with a suite of other energy-efficient upgrades in your home, your home with a solar energy system would potentially be a hot item on the market should you sell it. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward With Us

Pink Energy is ready to help you start your solar journey, and we’ve got the answers you’ll want to know at every step of the process — including if you sell your home! Our premium solar panels are built to last, so whether this home is a stepping stone or the one you intend to spend the rest of your days in, our local Fort Wayne team is here to help. Contact us today to get started!